Payment & Rates

Individual Rates:

$84.00 per night (Effective 1 Nov 2020 per the JTR)
(Individuals are guaranteed a room of their own with a 32″-40″ LCD TV, Direct TV, dresser, queen-sized bed, end table, closet, desk, ceiling fan, and laundry basket).

Family House Rates:

$100.00 per night

(Families are guaranteed an entire house-NO SHARING.  The master bedroom will have a king or queen-sized bed, the 2nd bedroom will have a queen or full-sized bed, and then an additional bedroom with another bed, crib or bunkbed.  All of the above individual amenities are included throughout the house which is why the rate is more).

Non-A Rate:

$96.00 per night (This is the nightly rate that you will be charged if you receive a Non-A Letter whether you are renting an Individual room or a Family CrashPad.)


Preferred method of payment will be your Government Travel Card (VISA or MASTERCARD). The card will be swiped on a normal credit card reader no later than the 7th of the next month.

(In the event that we cannot process the card in person, there will be exceptions made to process using only the numbers. For more details regarding payment, please reference the contract or contact us).


After you contact us and decide you want to stay, we will officially place you on the calendar for a specific house.  Additionally, to reserve your spot, we will email you a simple lease to sign for liability purposes.  We are very flexible with arrival and departure dates due to the training aspect at Altus AFB.  We will ask that you sign and return it within 2 business days.