Look no further for a place to stay while visiting Altus!
We focus on comfort, NOT maximizing occupancy!

Call Becca Hagerla at (580) 481-4868 today to reserve a room or house!

We look forward to serving you if you are en route to Altus for KC-135, C-17, or KC-46 training. We currently have 15 beautiful, FULLY-furnished homes that you will surely appreciate. We are a family-owned business providing 3 and 4-bedroom homes for rent-by-the-room and entire homes as alternative lodging to on-base billeting or hotel room. A comfortable home, flexible lease options, and people that care…that’s what Altus Crash Pads have to offer!

While TDY to Altus AFB, you DO NOT have to stay on base or in a hotel recommended by billeting per the Joint Travel Regulation. 

Call Becca at (580) 481-4868 to reserve a room today!


(Reference Table 2-14, #6 on page 2-27).

CONTACT US  for further details if you are concerned about being reimbursed. An official invoice will be given at time of payment.

Our Homes

White Tail Circle 1

Rooms Available NOW! Call Now to Reserve!

White Tail Circle 2

Master Bedroom & others Available June 6th! Call Now to Reserve! Great House for 2-3 people!

Pilgrim House

Pilgrim House owned by Altus CrashPads Oklahoma
Call for Availability

Cougar House

Call for Availability

Buena Vista House

Call for Availability

Lakeside House

Call for Availability

Harding House

Call for Availability

Trail House

Call for Availability

Sumner House

Available 10 June! Call Now to Reserve! Great family house!